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TriBeta Inductions Fall 2023

December 11, 2023

Our semester has come to a close! TriBeta Inductions were a great success. We inducted 53 new members into our honor society and welcomed them in with an induction ceremony and a catered dinner! Our highlights this semester include donating … Read more

Kilometers for the Kids

November 19, 2023

Our TriBeta members ran at Kilometers for the Kids, a 5k in our community. Kilometers for the Kids is a fundraiser dedicated to providing financial, emotional, and medical support to children and parents served by UNC hospitals. Our officers and … Read more

Communityworx Clothing Drive

November 12, 2023

We donated over 500 articles of clothing to a local clothing drive! These donations will support those in need in our community, and by assisting this drive, our club is maintaining our commitment to making a positive impact in our … Read more

Franklin Street All-Nighter Fundraiser

October 29, 2023

The Franklin Street All-Nighter is a fundraiser supporting mental health in Chapel Hill. People from our community run all night long to raise money for UNC’s counseling departments and unhoused people in our area. There are also stands, food, and … Read more

Jeopardy Night

October 24, 2023

Our social chairs hosted a Jeopardy Night for a social event! Here, our students made teams and competed in Jeopardy (UNC themed, of course) and had a blast! This event was great for getting to know other TriBeta members and … Read more

Community Garden Day

October 24, 2023

Our service chairs hosted a service event at Carolina Community Garden! Carolina Community Garden provides fresh produce for the people in our community. Our volunteers helped to weed, pick fruit, and plant new plants. Thank you to everyone who attended! … Read more


October 24, 2023

At todays’s TriBeta meeting, we discussed the remaining events occurring this semester. We have two more social events, four more service events, and fifteen more departmental events until inductions. We have offered many great events thus far and can’t wait … Read more


October 17, 2023

At today’s TriBeta meeting we had a speaker from the UNC MD/PhD program, Mohanish Desmut. He told our students about the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing such a program and provided an overview of the application process for MD/PhDs at … Read more

YOPO Hangout

October 14, 2023

On Wednesday, October 10th, our students came out to the Yogurt Pump in Chapel Hill’s downtown for some frozen yogurt and conversation with other TriBeta members. We had a great time eating froyo and meeting new people! Thank you to … Read more

Linda’s Trivia Night

October 4, 2023

Tonight, many of our club members went to Linda’s Trivia Night at Linda’s Bar and Grill for a social event. We had a blast getting to know each other and competing in trivia. Linda’s Trivia is often considered a staple … Read more