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Officer Team | 2023-2024


If you have any questions regarding the club and club proceedings, please email or ask the executive board in person after General Body Meetings.


The current executive board for the 2023-2024 academic year is listed below. These officers can be fantastic resources for our members, and are happy to offer any club member advice regarding the major and their time at UNC. If you have questions about TriBeta, please reach out to the club email rather than our officer’s personal emails or social medias.

President – Astrid Vallat

Biology BS, German BA, Pre-Vet


Vice President – Tammy Yu

Biology BS, Chemistry BS, Pre-Research


Secretary – Kameron Hall

Biology BS, History BA, Pre-PA

Treasurer – Katherine Egan

Quantitative Biology BS, Pre-Business

Departmental Chair – Lilly Markland

Biology BS, Pre-Vet

Outreach Chair – Claire Sykes

Biology BS, Pre-Research

Co-Service Chair – Emily Eldridge

Biology BS, Pre-Dental

Co-Service Chair – Finley Heller

Biology BS, Pre-Med


Co-Social Chair – Antony Shaju Ponmany

Biology BS, Pre-Med

Co-Social Chair – Lilly Carpenter

Biology BS, Chemistry BS, Pre-Pharmacy